Navarro High School

Navarro High School

In a close race, the Navarro ISD electorate supported only a portion of the district’s $160 million bond package on Tuesday.

Voters approved Navarro ISD’s Proposition A to build a new high school and elementary campus, while declining Proposition B slated for a new athletic complex, according to unofficial final results County Elections Administrator Lisa Hayes released.

“I was excited that proposition A passed, and quite honestly, I was disappointed that Proposition B didn’t pass,” said James Reyes, a parent in the district who supported both proposals after attending a “show and tell” event the district held for the community. “I think those who voted against Proposition B, had they visited the show and tell and saw what I saw, they would’ve seen the conditions and realized the need that Proposition B would have met.”

Prop A requested $130 million for the district to buy land, build a new high school to replace the current facility, and construct a new elementary to coincide with the current campus. Prop B asked for $30 million for a new athletic complex that would bring all of the district’s athletic facilities together.

After the election is canvassed and the results are certified, the district will determine the next steps for completing projects related to Proposition A and ponder what’s next for Proposition B, said Whitney Magness, Navarro ISD communications officer. The district will hold community meetings to discuss both propositions, she said.

“There will be multiple meetings, but we will have one before the end of the year,” Magness said. “We want to make sure we’re hearing the community’s views on all of it.”

Scheduling might be difficult due to holidays but the district plans to get it done, she said.

Turnout for Tuesday’s General and Special Elections was low with about 12,719 (or about 11.15%) of the county’s 114,095 registered voters making their voices heard.

Across Guadalupe County, only 6,460 people turned out for early voting, a mere 5.66% of registered county voters.

About 776 votes favored Proposition A, and 612 votes were cast against it, the results stated. Support for the measure at the end of the night stood at about 55.9% compared to about 44.1% in opposition.

Early numbers showed Navarro ISD voters only got behind one of the district’s multi-million-dollar bond propositions — Proposition A.

Early votes of 353 for the proposal and 224 against it were realized equating to about 61.2% and 32.8%, respectively. Absentee ballots accounted for 52 of the yes votes and 44 of the no votes.

Proposition B fared far less well in early voting. Voters cast 284 affirmative early votes for the proposition and 293 in opposition amounting to 49.2% for the proposal and about 50.8% against. Absentee ballots for it amounted to 30 and 66 absentee voters did not approve of the proposal.

People who supported Proposition B should provide future assistance to the district to try again at passing such a bond issue, Reyes said. Those who were against it should take a closer look to identify the need and benefits of much improved athletics fields and play spaces, he said.

“Sports and athletics facilities are one aspect of education,” Reyes said. “Of course the classroom is important but these other extracurricular activities make for a well-rounded kid.”

District administration recognizes the growth the community is experiencing and will discuss the best course to move forward, Magness said.

“We’re definitely going to regroup and determine the best way to address our continued facility needs,” Magness said. “We know this growth in our community is not going to slow down. So at least with having Proposition A pass, we can make sure we have space in the classroom.”

Navarro ISD manages a website that provides updated information on the bonds and reportedly will include construction updates. Visit for such updates.

Dalondo Moultrie is the assistant managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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