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Four people were injured, and one later died, when two pickup trucks collided Thursday afternoon on Highway 123 south of Zorn near the highway’s intersection with Farm Road 1339. DPS officials said the Chevrolet was northbound on Highway 123 when a dump truck pulled out from FM 1339. The Chevy’s driver swerved to miss the dump truck, lost control and skidded across into the southbound lane where it collided with the Dodge. The dump truck was gone when troopers arrived. 

GUADALUPE COUNTY — An elderly Seguin woman died in a San Antonio hospital after a collision Thursday afternoon on Highway 123 south of Zorn.

Four people were injured when two pickup trucks collided shortly after 2 p.m. Thursday near the intersection of Highway 123 and Farm Road 1339.

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I hope they find this idiot and justice is served. Family has lost a loved one and others injured due to his lack of concern for others. I'm sure with his fleeing of the scene there is much more behind it then just this accident. My sympathy goes out to the loved ones. May god bless your family


i hope they get this driver!!!! unfortunely these drivers are out there...they have bigger vehicles therefore they feel you need to yield to them...go get them!!!!


The young man, 20, evidently is at fault. I drive this route and have seen the flashing yellow lights and upgrades that has been paid for by public tax dollars. His reaction was trying to speed up and pass the dump truck, instead of braking and slowing down, which is what yellow flashing lights were signaling. I know there's a bend and a drop in the road there and blind spotss forces all drivers to try and take caution by slowing down, NOT speeding up and passing traffic in front of you. The youngster, chose to speed up to pass but lost control and is at fault and not the dump truck driver, in my opinion.
The youngster avoided hitting the dump truck. If the chevy would have hit the dump truck then the driver of the dump truck would have been rear ended and involved. The chevy driver not driving safely by trying to avoid hitting the dump truck, is the one losing control and crashing into innocent oncoming traffic. If the chevy was driven slower it would have been easier to control. I've driven 123 and the lane changes and signal lights demand that you drive at a safe speed not exceeding 60 or 65 mph at the most! People need to slow down when driving. Driving is probably "the" most dangerous task we do on a daily basis. We don't consider how dangerous it is until drivers lose control in split seconds become involved in life and death accidents.


VersativaGoodies were you there?
Regardless, the dump truck wouldve seen this accident and shouldve stopped, in my opinion.

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