It seems that each and every week, American morale continues to decline. A University of Virginia poll conducted July 22 to Aug 4 determined that 87% of Biden voters believe that whites have advantage over people of color, while 84% of Trump voters say discrimination against whites is ramping up. I don’t see how we can be much more divided than that. I believe most of this is a result of Democrat propaganda through the media and our education system to cause strife and dissension among our citizens while indoctrinating our youth. Where this takes us will surely be reflected in the midterm and 2024 elections.

Across the country, we are witnessing the results of the teaching of Critical Race Theory, the threat of an FBI task force making arrests of parents who dare question elected school board members and their policies while many school districts are canceling memberships in the National School Board Association after its letter to Biden to have his FBI form the task force. The NSBA sent a letter to Biden claiming threats to school boards over COVID mask mandates and CRT teaching.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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