While it has rained a bit and even cooled off some in the last couple of weeks, much of Texas and the country still suffer severe drought conditions that have impacted agriculture. According to experts at Texas Tech University, the High Plains area around Lubbock and Amarillo, the most productive of the state’s nine cotton-growing regions, will lose $2.1 billion of this year’s cotton harvest. Farmers in the Rio Grande valley will also have a much less profitable crop of vegetables as they’ve been unable to plant this year due to the drought.

You’ve probably seen news reports of various surprises found in rivers and lakes where water levels are low. Five bodies have been found in Lake Mead, including one in a barrel that appears to be a mob-related murder victim. In Europe, the Danube River has fallen to one of its lowest levels in almost a century as a result of the drought, exposing the remains of more than 20 German warships sunk during World War II near Serbia’s river port town of Prahovo. The sunken ships are now causing problems for ships navigating the river. In Spain, a prehistoric stone circle dubbed the “Spanish Stonehenge” has re-emerged; it is usually covered by waters in a man-made reservoir created in the 1960s, which have fallen due to the worst drought in decades.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Climate change is a hoax. The earth is 4.4 billion years old. Yes, that is billion with a B. I am certainly no rocket scientist, but I don't reckon the world is coming to an end any time soon, Mr. Dufresne. This is just a new way to separate people from their hard earned money. Green energy will possibly bankrupt our country. It has already started in Europe. Hopefully November 8th, this insanity will be reversed.


While any rational person will admit that humanity does affect climate, (you only have to look at thermal photography taken from space during night time hours to see it), the Democrats are no more committed to resolving it than the moderate Republicans.

And don’t worry, our pollution related to plastics will begin weeding out humanity as well as accelerating the demise of nature’s diversity.

A growing worldwide population is what is causing the issues of regional water shortages, regardless of a lack of rain or falling rivers, you have only to look at the Colorado River to see it.

Heck, if we’re so worried about ‘climate change’, why hasn’t any state government mandated new housing be required to have solar / wind to offset the energy needs?

Because like food stamps, the liberals don’t want to control the population with reasonable immigration policy and the conservatives don’t want to pass laws to press the citizenry to make a step change.

In the end, all about money or power….

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