A couple of weeks ago a bunch of Holocaust denying anti-Jewish demonstrators made appearances in San Antonio and Austin. While organizers and most of the participants were from out of state they found a lot of support from local white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Their goal was to sow hate in our communities and fear among our friends and neighbors, they succeeded.

The fact that Holocaust denial is as willfully ignorant as belief that the Earth is flat or that the sun revolves around the earth. Unlike flat-Earthers, Holocaust deniers often use violent rhetoric and occasionally act on that rhetoric. There was a spate of anti-Jewish vandalism that coincided with the demonstrations all of which served to cause fear in our communities.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Ah Mr. Dufresne, back to the same old behavior. A discussion about those pathetic individuals who run around denying facts followed by an accusation that Republicans are horrible people.

How about some clarity to your 'column'?

The 'Deniers', conspiracy theorists who wander around looking to stir up trouble and cause people pain simply because they've nothing better to do and can't accept reality, numbered 10 or so folks, the total of your 'demonstrations'.

The 'local support' you stated that was 'a lot' was in fact not local but on the internet, certainly a bunch of people who are so insulated and poorly educated to be susceptible to others that can't grasp historical facts (none of whom were even born to parents who fought in WWII).

The 'spate of vandalism' was an incident of spray painted swastikas, racist and anti-LGBT symbols found at Anderson High School in Austin.

FACTS: The police departments, whom you've railed against in the past, were immediately on site in both Austin and San Antonio. The Austin police department is investigating the vandalism, the 10 or so 'deniers' found no support locally and have departed, and the community is NOT frightened or intimidated by this human filth.

You make an accusation that that Gov. Abbott and Texas Republicans 'have accommodated white nationalists', that by not making a formal statement regarding the 'Deniers demonstrations' he is actually a racist anti-Semite. Go ahead, just make the accusation Sir, no need to hide behind waffling suggestions and innuendo, have the courage to put forth your opinion. To make your statements even more appalling, you actually insinuate that anyone declaring themselves a Republican is a racist anti-Semite.

You Sir have again proven through your words that you believe anyone who does not exactly line up with your beliefs is a 'bad person'. Someone who does not fully support the Democratic Party and their agenda, their thought process, their mantra is a 'bad person', one who can be persecuted for their individual thoughts and beliefs.

So who are the Fascists these days?

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