Another week has passed and American voters continue to lose confidence in Biden and the liberal agenda.

Last week’s elections made one point very clear — parents believe themselves to be the authority of their children’s education. Contrary to Hillary Clinton and the liberal left, “it does not take a village.” Across the country, Conservatives were elected from the school board to the state house.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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Mr. Harper, good column with solid points. I'd like to make a few myself if I may...

I am hopeful that the Texas Republican Party can instill a little bit of moderation and logic in the party this coming year, to pay attention to those that comprise of the 80% in the 'center' and ensure that the platform will concentrate on the important things for Texans and not the Democrat / Republican 'hot ticket' items you folks seem to concentrate on.

The majority wants a balanced Federal budget, compassionate but enforced legal immigration, scientifically backed environmental policy, limited government with targeted taxes, logical drug policy, growth balanced with regulation, gun rights which require personal responsibility, strong support of law enforcement with accountability, and for us to get what we pay for.

We definitely do not want the former President involved in Texas politics any more that his predecessors or anyone connected with the current Administration. We do want the vast majority of the policies put forth back on the table.

How about the Republicans do what they espouse, "Limited, effective, compassionate, frugal, efficient, honest governing requiring that every citizens be a responsible member of society".

I, like many, look forward to see how you folks do for 2022.....

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