In response to the Associated Press article by Acacia Coronado which appeared in the Sunday, Aug. 15 issue of the Gazette concerning the Texas Democratic legislators walk-out from their jobs as state legislators, I would like to present another view since it was very obvious which side Ms. Coronado is representing. I submit that those Democratic legislators are not heroes defending voter rights as the article claims, but rather they are typical Democrats that can’t stand it when they lose, and will do anything (including changing the rules or walking out on their job responsibilities) if they can’t get their way.

Instead of acting like adults, they choose to act like the proverbial disgruntled child that “picks up his marbles and goes home” when he doesn’t get his way. Can the average worker just abandon his job if he doesn’t like what the boss is doing without getting fired? I don’t think so!

Jim Liberty is a Kingsbury resident.

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