Terry Harper is sounding more and more like the current president. Recently, the greatest challenge politically has been to find a way to address the insurrection in our nation’s capitol, but what does Mr. Harper want to talk about — “his” being called out on some reckless comments. This is similar in the way the president has shown that his self interest takes precedence over the welfare of our citizens.

Mr. Harper called on Senator Romney to be executed (literally that “he should meet Mr. Guillotine,” a means of execution during the French revolution) then calling people that took offense as having “simple minds.” This insult smacks of the president calling some people that disagree with him as “low IQ.” 

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I’ve been looking for the same condemnation by yourself of the other politicians over the last 4 years and......can’t seem to locate anything.

While we can all condemn both Mr. Harper and the President for their poor choice in words and rhetoric, let’s not forget the ‘run up‘ to this situation. Members of Congress over the last 4 years have made similar remarks and done so with impunity.

This verbal diarrheal discharge by members of both parties has gotten us to this point. Congress, with its laissez fairer attitude to the pathetic language by its own members has devolved into what we feared, a collection of geriatric Alzheimer’s patients and a younger group without the maturity to know when to hold their own tongues.

Hold Mr. Harper accountable. Hold the President accountable. Hold Congress accountable Sir.

You can’t speak of the first two without adding the last.

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