Dear sir (Gov. Greg Abbott):

I am writing you today because I am very ashamed and shocked you are going to lift the mask mandate on March 10.

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Ms. Balderas, your letter is a little off kilter in a number of areas and as is often the case these days, does not allow for 'full disclosure of the facts'

Your comment regarding the limitation of ballot boxes by county was run through the Texas Supreme Court who determined that the limitation of 'hand delivered ABSENTEE ballots' was legal and that the Texas government had more options to vote than did the Election Code. As an individual who actually voted in person with my entire family, same day, same time, I am bewildered by your assertion that the governor was somehow guilty of voter suppression.

In addressing your 'mask mandate', you again are communicating a paranoia that doesn't exist. The 'Government' has removed the mandate, but has not infringed on the right of local governments and businesses to require masks. Your need to have control by Austin or Washington is a clear sign that you believe that the citizens of this country are children requiring supervision, like kids at the city park.

Regarding your statement on President Biden, you've obviously missed the previous 4 years of states and congressional resistance to the sitting President. If you believe that the governors are going to go along with every policy or directive emitting from the desk of the man issuing Executive Orders at a historic pace, you've misread or Republic.

You've the right to complain to the governor and to not patronize any business where a mask is not required, just remember that there are a great many who, comprising of the 'center', don't agree.

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