Missing masks are a mystery no more. Missing logic is.

I am not as smart as highly-honored doctors and scientists so when they tell me something my intelligent mother used to say, I believe them. She said, “Cover your mouth to protect folks from just a common cold!” The governor said to do that for a deadly disease. Now, he says that worked so well we can quit.

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Mr. Leissner, though you make a good point regarding the importance of personal responsibility and common courtesy, you are committing the same error as a number of people.

Removing the 'state mask mandate' does not eliminate masks.

The governor has stated a number of times that wearing a mask is a responsible action, that local governments are to take action regarding masks as they see fit, and that businesses are free to require masks for their patrons.

This drive from a certain segment of the population to have complete control by Austin and Washington is simultaneously amazing and depressing, sort of a sweet and sour where the sweet is 5 lbs of sugar and the sour is 10 lbs of cow manure.

We are adults, at least most of us are. Making independent decisions and respecting those around us for their right to make theirs., regardless of our view, is critical in a Republic such as ours.

Having been at multiple businesses yesterday, 5 days after the governor rescinding the order, I saw...........no change in peoples behavior.

How about we let the government at the state and national level do what is required, the minimum, and let those of us at the local level make up our own minds.

Many of us still have one.


Fear does not prevent death. it prevents life.

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