J. C. Dufresne describes himself as a “liberal activist” and a “member of the State Democratic Executive Committee.” In his February 24 column, he affirms these affiliations with typically false statements about “green energy” when he wrote that Gov. Abbott “lied to the public” when he blamed “green energy” on the recent power failures. He then wrote: “In fact, your neighbors who had power when you didn’t probably had [sic] solar panels on their roofs, that’s green energy.” He then wrote that if the Green New Deal was in effect, “…more of us would have rooftop solar panels to provide at least some power for heating.”

Apparently, Dufresne doesn’t know that most people with rooftop solar panels lack storage batteries. And those with storage batteries would have quickly run out of power had they used them to produce heat. Had he looked outside during the recent weather crisis, he would have noticed that the sky was overcast from February 8 to 18.

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Though I agree with your assertion that Mr. Dufresne is able to publish what most would consider absolute drivel, veiled insults and, in a number of instances, outright lies, to eliminate him from the Seguin Gazette would be a mistake.

I mean really, where would I get my entertainment from?

I do agree though that it would be better to get someone from the left side that would stick to 'what matters' instead of the vitriol of the progressives and somewhat insane points of view.

In retrospect, maybe it would be better to find someone more 'balanced' from the Democrat side of life, but then again, I'm not sure you would be able to......


Have always enjoyed your columns here, Mr. Mims, but I must respectfully disagree here. I have sparred with J.C. over the years and we don't agree on much. I do, however, support allowing his voice to be heard even though most of the time I don't agree with the message. Censorship and cancel culture is dangerous no matter which side of the political spectrum it is being applied to.

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