I understand these are unprecedented times, well almost. I am so disappointed in the state of Texas, more specifically ERCOT and also Springs Hill Water Supply Corporation.

I grew up in Colorado and this never happened there. I am an elderly woman living alone in rural Guadalupe County who has been without water since Sunday afternoon (2/14/21). Bad enough that one cannot complete normal hygiene tasks but to not have the ability to even flush a toilet for three days (now going on four), is unbelievable.

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Not that I disagree with your disappointment and black humor (shared) with a so-called 'TEXIT', please have some understanding of the circumstances.

There has not been an occurrence as extreme as this for +50 years, with both the duration and temperature drop, much less the volume of snow. We all shared in the difficulties and frustrations, along with the concern over what the cost will be.

Recriminations are easily meted out, but the tough part will be to reach a real decision-making process without a ton a finger-pointing. I really don't care, unless it was criminal in origin (profiteering, poor maintenance, etc.), but I would like to see an open honest investigation completed within a tight timeframe to identify gaps and ensure a plan is in place to address them before the end of the year.

Let's give GVEC and the other utility providers a round of applause for their driving to provide power and water in this unprecedented time and look to them to responsibly review 'what went wrong' and prepare for another one, even if it happens in 2071.

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