blondee_bee2000 commented on Friends say goodbye to fire victims

This has been such a tough summer for the kids of Seguin, it really breaks my heart[sad]

blondee_bee2000 commented on Applause for SISD

As a former SISD teacher, this story blesses my heart! The news and media is bent on reporting stories about the unethical teachers, but I wish more focus was given to the truly inspiring and successful people who dedicate their career/life to teach. Thank you Mrs. Burns![smile]

blondee_bee2000 commented on Lady Mats win final 4 at tourney

Congratulations to the lady mats and coaches, keep up the hard work this season![smile]

Kuddos to the Naumanns, for all the hard work they are putting in to ensure that the great people who founded our community (many of whom are the ancestors of contemporary people in our town/county) will be remembered and honored for many years to come![thumbup]

blondee_bee2000 commented on Ybarra gets 2 years for manslaughter

Taking a human life is only worth 2 years behind bars?! Wow, that's an eye opener[ohmy]

blondee_bee2000 commented on Voter ID regulations are really common sense

You have to show ID to buy beer and cigarettes, and that's for something trivial. Why then, would it NOT be required for voting, choosing the leaders of our community/state/nation?

blondee_bee2000 commented on Steinmeyer House rich in family history

It's great to know the history of Seguin's grand old homes. So many times I have passed by homes like this and wondered about how the town has changed since they were built. Gorgeous homes like this should be cherished!

blondee_bee2000 commented on Man critical after hit by train

Regardless, I hope that the man who was injured is able to recover quickly, that was a very unfortunate accident.

blondee_bee2000 commented on Man critical after hit by train

Don't want to kick a man when he's down, but why on earth would anyone EVER lay on train tracks? Lay down in a car, on a bench, or even a nice grassy spot, but train tracks? That can't be comfortable, so when I hear about this happening (and it's not the first time) I just don't get it.

blondee_bee2000 commented on Adoption Day gives kids a new start

God bless these and all families that love these children and give them a family to love and care for them[smile]