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Good guys doing good things!

We need to know the extent of the area that this water could reach and any effect this water could have when entering storm drain system. What is the plan to remedy situation?

geronimo creek geek commented on Reward increased in 2017 slaying

Did they arrest the wrong people?

geronimo creek geek commented on Changes coming to tollway

until they make the cost reasonable I don't see folks using it to get back and forth daily. I drive on it every couple of months and it's worth it to me to bypass Austin. I wouldn't do it all the time. The road itself is getting rougher especially around FM 20 going north. I don't think they…

geronimo creek geek commented on City OKs year-round downtown LED lights

the lights will help make downtown at night a destination year round.

Lowering the speed limit will only back up traffic worse. Put up traffic lights at 758-46 and Saengerhalle Rd-46. Start working on a real plan to divert some of the traffic off 46 with a loop from 725 east to I35- 306. It's way overdue.

geronimo creek geek commented on FOWLER: Trump is more pop culture than politician

If there is one way to unite Congress to act it would be to elect this guy President.

The sad part is this all could have been avoided if they had just monitored and cleaned a little better. Now a bunch of folks are out of work. Corporate greed. And yes I'll buy it again. People need to get back to work.

geronimo creek geek commented on Seguin hires marketing firm in retail search

what does this cost?

geronimo creek geek commented on Man killed when his bike is hit by car

If you ride a bike, jog, or walk on or near the roadway during hours with limited visibility do everyone a favor and wear bright or reflective clothing. I've had some near misses with bikers and too many of them don't do the right things to protect themselves. My sympathies to the family who…