Wow! Never saw that coming! Rest In Peace, Jacqueline Crayton.

A San Antonio radio report said today police were interviewing two people that were living in the home. This one kinda sounds to me like someone collecting social security checks for a deceased "loved one". We should know more very soon.

"Let them eat cake!"

I read that he was looking for "the nearest Baptist church." Not sure if that would have been his best choice for a target. Many Baptists that I know are packing!

Mayor Keil's comments “However, he implies something totally self-serving with that statement, as if his behavior had nothing to do with his resignation" and "“I also think every citizen should realize that our human resources team requires every city employee to act in a lawful, …

$60,000+ for "It's Real." This is still a head scratcher.

C'mon folks. Stop it! The terms "nazi" and "gestapo" are highly inappropriate here. Although not perfect, law enforcement needs our support, not ridicule. I am sure Chief Kelso is obligated to keep his grievances and issues with local government to himself as part of …

I certainly have no problem with the Council offering the City of Seguin employees such an incentive. Not sure how much of an incentive it will be until the dysfunctional Seguin I.S.D. is fixed.

It is unfortunate that former Governor Rick Perry vetoed a Texas bill back in June of 2011 that would have outlawed texting and driving in the State of Texas. Not saying the bill would have prevented this accident but it certainly would have saved lives.

JWard commented on Tips sought on cold case

Isn't her common law husband, Ronnie Lynn James, Jr. in state prison for being convicted in his involvement in another murder that occurred in Guadalupe County back in 2010?